With right fit devices that can go anywhere and take you everywhere.

Today’s devices just keep getting better

Advanced digital pen: For note taking, sketching, annotating, showing process, prototyping and complex visual thinking

Handwriting recognition: For mathematics, music, chemistry, etc.

Graphic design and creativity: Functional software support

Knowledge building: Support for typing longer assignments, multitasking and complex research

Music: Support for composition, playing, composing, etc.

Video and audio: Capture and editing

Authoring: Support for small amounts of typing

Voice, video, and audio: Consumption and collaboration

Internet research

Designed for 21st Century Learners

  • Powerful learning tools for consuming, creating and producing knowledge
  • Intuitive interface and interactive learning experiences
  • Accessible features for learners of all abilities

The Power of a PC + The Mobility of a Tablet

  • "Anytime, anywhere learning" — on any device
  • Touch, stylus, mouse and keyboard enable flexible learning experiences
  • Lightweight portable devices with USB
  • Full power of the web with Flash enabled content

Easy to Deploy and Manage

  • Supports all models, including shared, one-to-one, BYOD and blended
  • Compatible with the widest range of devices, apps and resources
  • Consistent, controlled and secure learning environment

More devices, more possibilities


HP Stream 8

Lenovo Yoga 2


HP Stream 11

Lenovo B50-45